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What are the requirements for sending international short messages? What are the advantages of international short message platform?

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    International SMS has a wide range of application scenarios and can basically meet the needs of enterprise users. It is a very good choice for overseas enterprises. At present, international text messages can be sent in multiple languages. In terms of application scenarios, the international SMS mass messaging platform breaks the restrictions of time, space and field, enabling service notification as well as marketing and promotion. International SMS mass messaging platform to help enterprises to achieve new retention, efficient publicity

Requirements for sending international short messages?

1. If an enterprise needs to send international short messages, the most stable way is to send them through the international short message platform. The platform provides exclusive sending channels, and the national policy has less restrictions on exclusive channels, so the arrival rate of users sending short messages will also increase.

2. The content of international short messages is generally limited. The platform can provide testing channels for users to test whether the short messages can be sent successfully, so as to reduce the loss caused by the failure of sending.

3. While editing the content, users also need to pay attention to the fact that short messages can not contain prohibited words. Generally speaking, the number of characters in a short message is about 70, and the time to send it is also determined according to the time difference of the place where it is sent. In order to achieve the optimal effect, the content should be edited from the perspective of readers, and the text content should be used to attract users to click, so as to achieve the effect of drainage and customer acquisition.

What are the advantages of international short message platform?

1. Language support

    SMS channel completion can support a variety of languages around the world, to meet the needs of enterprises to expand overseas markets.

2. Sending time

    Instant response of SMS channel, international SMS can be sent at any time within 24 hours, users can set the sending time according to their own needs.

3. Sending speed

    SMS sending speed is fast, international SMS 5S can reach users, the success rate is up to 95%.

4. Real-time monitoring

    Provide SMS sending status feedback interface, a key to achieve a group of international SMS, and real-time monitoring of SMS sending status.

5. Operation process

    Self-service platform operation, send international text messages, simple, convenient and guaranteed.