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How to send Korean international SMS?How much is it?

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International SMS can be divided into three categories: verification code SMS, notification SMS, and marketing SMS.

    When sending international text messages from mobile phones, you need to pay attention to the filling format of the text message number; generally, the filling format of the international text message number is +00+ (country code) + user mobile phone number. At the same time, when editing the content of the text message, you need to pay attention to the content of the text message not to contain illegal characters.

    There are many options for using international SMS for promotion and marketing functions, because international SMS has many advantages over domestic 106 SMS group sending, mainly because of the content. We all know that domestic 106 SMS requires qualifications, and the content is strictly reviewed. contact information, etc.

    How much is an international text message? The price of international SMS is higher than that of 106 SMS, mainly based on the sending country, channel, quantity, content, etc. Of course, the more quantity, the better the price. When docking, you will also see the SMS price of the corresponding area, which can also be viewed on the official website. Large quantities can be communicated in detail.

    In addition, when choosing an international SMS platform, be sure to pay attention to the following points:

1. Content Restrictions

This is the most important reason for everyone to use international text messages. Affected by domestic policies, domestic 106 text messages are strictly reviewed for content, and many industries (even formal industries) do not allow them to be sent.

2. Delivery rate

We send text messages for marketing, and if the delivery rate is too low, there's no point in sending text messages.

3. Delivery delay

Compared with 106 SMS, international SMS has a certain delay, but talk2all international SMS platform can do it in seconds.

4. Support testing

A good international SMS platform must support free testing.

5. Send a receipt

Users can view the sending status of SMS messages in real time in their own background, such as: whether they are delivered, SMS receipts, sending details, etc.

    The talk2all international short message platform provides users with a simple, fast and low-cost international short message sending channel, allowing enterprises to establish barrier-free instant communication with global users, truly achieving unbounded interconnection and unlimited communication.