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Is the opening of international short message service free? Where is a free international SMS platform?

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In recent years, affected by the epidemic, the global economy has continued to decline. In order to survive and expand their business scope, some large enterprises "spread their fishing nets" and aim at the international market. With the advantages of low operation cost, good sending effect and fast arrival speed, international SMS has become a necessary marketing tool for these multinational  enterprises. International short message services include short message verification code, short message notification and short message marketing, which are applied in various scenes of people's daily life.

一、 Is the opening of international short message service free?

The opening of international short message service is free. The specific operation process is as follows: first, find a suitable and qualified short message platform, contact customer service to register an account and complete real name authentication, and then add a short message signature (which can be the enterprise name or brand name); 

The platform will have staff for technical docking; Edit the SMS content again to test whether the channel can send SMS successfully; After the test is passed, users can consider pre depositing fees on the platform or buying packages directly, because packages can bring more benefits to users, so that the international SMS business can be opened. The whole opening process is free.

二、 Where is a free international SMS platform?

There is no free lunch, of course, there is no free SMS platform. Those so-called "free" international short message platforms are actually just a cover on the surface. Only users who have been cheated can deeply understand the routines. 

After all, the free SMS platform is established through informal channels, which has no connection with operators, has poor stability, and cannot ensure the timely sending of SMS, which may also lead to the leakage of users' own information or a large amount of data loss. It is impossible for a free SMS platform to sign a formal contract with users, let alone assume any responsibility. Therefore, users are advised to be cautious and not to try easily.