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Can I receive bulk international text messages?How long does it usually take to arrive?

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     When many enterprises and online merchants use group text messages, one of the issues they are more concerned about is the delivery time of the text messages. In some scenarios, if the delivery time is too long, it will affect the user experience. So, how long does it take to receive bulk text messages, and what are the influencing factors?

    Under normal circumstances, the marketing SMS is 30 seconds-30 minutes, the arrival rate is more than 95%; the notification SMS is 5 seconds-30 seconds, the arrival rate is 98%; the verification code SMS is 5 seconds-30 seconds, the arrival rate is 98% . Both notification and verification code text messages can be sent without review after being reviewed by third-party service providers, and the time is relatively short. For marketing text messages, it is necessary to review sensitive words, URLs, etc., which takes a relatively long time to ensure the security of text messages to avoid complaints.

The influencing factors include: network signal problems, SMS channels, and SMS content.

    As we all know, the poor network signal will definitely cause the customer to receive the SMS delay; the channel instability will also cause the SMS delay; the content of the SMS will be delayed or even blocked if the content contains sensitive words.

    What should I do if the international SMS sending effect is not good?

1. Content sent

    When editing the content, special attention should be paid to the fact that international text messages cannot contain sensitive words. We have references for copywriting and will give you some good suggestions

2. Time of sending

    In some regions, operators may limit the sending time. Generally, international SMS platforms have fixed marketing time.

    We should consider the time difference when we send.

3. SMS channel and data

    There are many different channels in a country overseas, unlike the domestic three networks that dominate. Selecting different channel effects will also make a big difference. Data should be selected from reliable data providers, many of which are data from a long time ago, and it is difficult to be effective.

    When choosing a platform, you should pay attention to whether the platform company's business license and qualification certificate are complete. This is an important criterion for checking whether the platform is formal. The Talk2all international SMS platform has more than 1,500 operator partners and communication compliance licenses, enabling unimpeded sending of SMS globally.