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How to do international SMS bulk sending?How many people can I send bulk text messages to?

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I.Restrictions on sending international text messages

    The sending method of international short messages can be one-to-one or many-to-multiple countries or regions. Each international platform cooperates with different operators, and the countries that can be sent are also different. Users need to test the line of the sending country before sending SMS, and also need to investigate in advance whether the country supports mass sending of SMS. Avoid causing some unnecessary losses.

II.How do individuals send international text messages?

1.Sent via personal cell phone

    Although it can be sent through the personal mobile phone, the user needs to activate the international roaming service. If the number is reported during sending, the number will easily be blacklisted, and mass SMS cannot be sent, and the cost is also very high.

2.Send via international SMS platform

    International SMS platforms usually sign cooperation with major operators, and they have special SMS channels. Users can send not only to one country but also to multiple countries, the cost is not high, and the stability is very high, and the arrival rate is usually 95%.

III.Advantages of SMS bulk sending platform:

Low cost: Compared with traditional media advertising costs, the cost of SMS advertising is almost negligible. Submitting SMS advertisements through a mobile SMS group sending platform is cheaper than sending SMS messages directly from a mobile phone, thus greatly reducing the budget cost of advertisers.

Fast speed: SMS group sending is not limited by time and region, and can be sent to users' mobile phones in a few seconds in China.

High accuracy: The platform can set specific user groups to advertise, so as to improve user accuracy.

Strong dissemination: SMS advertisements are highly disseminated, because they are fast and can be reached in a few seconds. If users are interested in the content of the advertisement, they can share and send them to interested friends at any time.

Flexibility: The release time of SMS advertisements is extremely flexible. Advertisers can customize the advertisement delivery time according to their own product characteristics, and even release them within a certain time period.

Interactivity: SMS advertisements can allow owners to interact with sales terminals and mass media. Through these, SMS users can participate in business interactions, and SMS advertisements greatly increase the opportunities for people to participate in interactions.

Convenient management: no need for approval from the management department, the release time, cycle, quantity, content and area can be adjusted and modified arbitrarily, and the timeliness is strong.