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Is International SMS Marketing Illegal?What services do I need to activate for international SMS?

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   International SMS, also known as international marketing SMS, refers to the business process of grouping and grouping SMS between overseas enterprises or companies with overseas business and users of operators in other countries and regions, and is not limited by time, space and location. It is mostly used by companies engaged in foreign trade marketing, covering a wide range of industries, including games, cross-border e-commerce, social live broadcast, finance, tool apps and other industries.

Is International SMS Marketing Illegal?

    At present, the business of international SMS platforms is becoming more and more formal. Now there are clear restrictions in the industry. For the content on the SMS platform, the initial review will be conducted first, and the operator will review it again. Therefore, it cannot be measured by the previous era of spam text messages. Now, everyone can observe the text messages received every day, basically It is only when you need it directly or indirectly that you receive marketing text messages from a certain industry.

What services do I need to activate for international SMS?

    It is generally recommended that corporate users choose an international short message platform to send. With the increase in demand, there are more and more international short message platforms on the market. Many users were attracted by those platforms with false advertisements without knowing how to choose, and they lost a lot of money if they failed to achieve their goals. A formal SMS platform must have formal qualifications and be able to provide users with a free test channel. The key is that the after-sales and technical teams also need to be very professional.

    Enterprise users need to complete the SMS platform account registration, channel test, platform real-name authentication, and platform payment. Then add a text message signature, usually a company or brand name. Foreign countries generally have policies to restrict content, and general SMS platforms will provide some templates for enterprises to choose from. After the user has determined the content, the platform will review it according to the system settings, and check whether the content of the text message is in violation of regulations. After the review is completed, the platform will send a text message according to the set sending time. Enterprise users can also inquire through the platform to check the sending status of each text message and confirm whether the text message has arrived.