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How to send marketing SMS? What is the best platform for mass marketing SMS?

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With the rapid development of the world economy, many large enterprises have brought new business opportunities, and more and more multinational enterprises are committed to internationalizing their brands. Therefore, the needs of the international market have promoted the emergence of various marketing channels, and international marketing SMS is one of the marketing methods. Compared with other marketing methods, marketing text messages are more direct and less troublesome, and can well promote user transactions and achieve the expected results. Marketing SMS is valued and utilized by most enterprise users.

I.How to send marketing SMS?

1.Planning marketing activities, the time to hold the activities should not be too long, the marketing activity cycle is too long, it is easy to cause customers to lose interest and produce fatigue; the interval should not be too long, and the interval is too long, which is not conducive to stabilizing long-term customers.

2.It is necessary to create good copywriting for creative marketing, so that customers can have a deeper impression and interest in the product, thereby arousing a strong desire to buy, which is conducive to promoting the probability of transaction and achieving the purpose of marketing.

3. Master the sending time. According to the time difference in foreign countries, it is estimated that when customers have time to look at their mobile phones, they will send text messages and send them before marketing activities.

4. Choosing a regular SMS platform is more conducive to the successful sending of marketing SMS.

II.What platform is the best for spam marketing SMS?

You must be careful when choosing an international SMS platform, and you must choose a regular, stable and legal SMS platform. A formal SMS service platform must meet two points:

1. Complete qualifications and formal channels;

2. Comply with the operator's regulations;

3. Provide free trial;

4. Perfect after-sale service.

In the international market, many SMS platforms are mixed. Among many platform service providers, Talk2all International SMS Platform is deeply trusted by users. Talk2all covers 230 countries and regions around the world, supports the languages of various countries in the world, and the delivery rate of short messages is 99% in 5 seconds. The speed is fast and stable. High quality. It is very beneficial for multinational companies to expand overseas markets to achieve the best effect of SMS marketing.