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What is the international channel of SMS? How does the international SMS channel connect with SMS?

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1What is the international channel of SMS? The international SMS

    channel can be used for SMS channel regional enterprise and business websites, SMS verification, enterprise notification, customer maintenance, potential customers, member marketing, birthday greetings, external announcement and publicity, customer interaction and other channel international SMS services. The products, applications and characteristics of the international short message channel are explained in detail below.

1. International SMS channel products: divided into SMS verification code, notification SMS, marketing SMS, SMS interface, voice verification code, and international SMS.

2. Application of international SMS channel: SMS verification code is used for user registration, login verification, password retrieval, and payment authentication; SMS notification is applied to meeting notification, logistics notification, etc; Promote the application of SMS to member services, preferential notices, new product launch and other notices.

3. Characteristics of SMS International Channel:

Powerful transmission channel, supporting the whole network number transmission of China Mobile, China Unicom and Telecom;

Stable and reliable, distributed and clustered servers plus multi-channel backup double guarantee:

The function is perfect, and the system will immediately feed back the status report after the SMS is sent;

It is easy to call and supports multiple language SDK and API interface access.

2How does the international SMS channel connect with SMS?

Want to know how the international SMS channel connects with SMS? It is necessary to understand the process of opening the international SMS channel:           

the first step is to understand the platform qualification. You can go to relevant websites to verify the platform qualification and other contents, so as to ensure the effectiveness of the certificate and whether the cooperation is smooth;

The second step is to report the signature of enterprise SMS, which can be user name or enterprise brand name;

The third step is to apply for opening in the background and recharge the package fee, that is, prepaid;

Finally, bind the port, and you can officially go online.

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