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What is international SMS? Can I send international SMS directly?

AddDate: 2022-07-11 Author: 珏 Hits:

    International SMS refers to the SMS sent by users in Chinese Mainland to international users. The users are generally sea going enterprises or international platforms and international apps. International SMS is different from ordinary SMS. International SMS is sent to overseas users. Many countries have regulations prohibiting overseas junk SMS, so the restrictions on the content of SMS will be very high. International SMS needs to be sent through the platform. The international SMS platform will provide SMS channels of various countries to users, and users can test the line according to their needs.

一、How to send international SMS

    1. Choose a regular SMS platform

    2. Register the account of the platform

    3. Conduct SMS channel test

    4. Platform payment

    5. Confirm the sending content, destination and time

    6. Start sending

二、How to distinguish whether the platform is formal

    1. First, check whether the platform has the operation qualification: business license, SMS qualification certificate, telecom value-added service license, etc

     2. Sending illegal content is not supported, and it is forbidden to send such content in foreign countries

   3. Arrival rate of SMS: the sending content of international SMS needs to be changed according to the change of national policies, and there are also requirements for the status of users receiving SMS. If the user's mobile phone is turned off, the signal is bad, empty number, software interception and other reasons, it also has an impact on the arrival rate of SMS, so the formal platform will not guarantee 100% arrival rate with the user.

    4. Whether the platform charge is reasonable: Although the price of mass SMS sending is not high, it also needs some costs. The price of a short message is about 0.03-0.08 yuan per message. Those platforms with low prices are often untrustworthy, so users cannot be attracted by those platforms whose prices are lower than the market price.

    5. After sales service

International SMS has very high requirements for after-sales technology, and choosing a platform with good after-sales service can also avoid some losses.

   The international SMS platform integrates information processing and computer network technology, combines Internet communication with mobile communication, and is widely used in website /app SMS verification code, voice verification code, SMS notification, SMS marketing, enterprise internal sending, etc. users can quickly send information to mobile phone users through the SMS platform or interface, greatly improving work efficiency, and enterprise users can easily manage customer resources, Regularly release new product information to customers and maintain a stable customer relationship.