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How to send international SMS?How to use the international channel SMS platform?

AddDate: 2022-07-19 Author: 妍 Hits:

    More and more enterprises will choose the method of international SMS marketing when developing overseas, and they need to use the SMS group sending function to achieve the purpose of attracting customers. Bulk SMS sending is generally divided into five steps. Next, I will introduce it to you:

1. Edit content:

    Generally, the format of 106 group SMS is [signature] + content + unsubscribe return T, the text at the beginning of the content is the SMS signature, and the end of the content is the unsubscribe return T. There is also a character limit for mass message sending. The number of characters in a single message is 70, and 1 Chinese character, 1 letter, 1 number, and 1 symbol are all one character. If the length exceeds 70 words, it is a long message, and the system will send it separately. This is billed according to multiple short messages. Currently, the short message group sending platform on the market supports up to 500 characters.

2. Set the sending time:

    Group SMS also need to set the sending time, customers can choose the sending time according to the characteristics of the industry needs. Instant send is to send immediately after editing the content of the text message, and you can also set the time to send automatically when the time is up.

3. Import customer numbers:

    The number import can be manually entered, copied and pasted, manually entered, and data text imported. The numbers need to be separated by English commas or separated by newlines. It should be noted that the number platform here is not provided, and the customer needs to prepare by himself.

4. Check and send:

    After the mass message content is edited, it needs to be reviewed and reported before it can be sent. The edited and sent content cannot involve unhealthy content such as pornography, gambling, drugs, illegal crimes, etc.

5. View data optimization content:

    For marketing that focuses on conversion effects, it is recommended that you make a table to record some important data after each marketing message is sent, such as sending time, copy content, user group attributes, conversion rate of each link, user payment effect and other data , based on this data to optimize content, call delivery numbers and delivery times