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Can international SMS send voice? What are the limitations of the content?

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Now many people don't know that international SMS can send voice. With the development of science and technology and the continuous updating of mobile phone intelligence, the application of SMS is more extensive than before. It can not only send text, pictures, but also send voice and even video. Except for ordinary text messages, others are sent in the form of SMS. Now, when many multinational enterprises promote products or brands in the international market, they will use the international SMS platform to send voice messages to users, which is also the inevitable process of the development of international mass messaging.

Language SMS has the following advantages:

1. It is more expressive. Enterprise users can explain and promote their products with both voice and emotion by recording voice, so as to be more attractive to customers;

2. More authentic. Customers can clearly hear the user's voice, just like on-site explanation, and feel more authentic;

3. It can enhance the interaction, hear the user's voice, arouse the customer's reply and generate interaction;

4. It is more convenient and faster. Compared with editing text, recording voice is faster and sounds more convenient.

Here is another introduction to the specific operation method of recording voice:

  On the homepage of the mobile phone, click information; On the information page, click edit information; On the edit information page, click add contact; After adding, click the IMessage button at the bottom of the newly pop-up page; At this time, a new page will pop up. Click the microphone icon to record voice; After recording, click send to finish.

As with text messages, the content of voice messages will also be restricted by operators. Forbidden words and content related to pornography, gambling and drugs cannot be recorded, and the language for illegal activities will be restricted.

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