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What is the character limit for international SMS?What are the restrictions on group messaging?

AddDate: 2022-08-09 Author: 妍

Generally speaking, the most common types of SMS marketing in international SMS are SMS verification code, marketing SMS, and notification SMS.

Verification code SMS is to send verification codes to platform users in the form of text messages, which can quickly verify the authenticity of customers, intelligently divert traffic, and have a high-precision arrival rate of 99.9%.

Marketing SMS is to use SMS to send promotional information to consumers, with a short link to the platform, click to jump, promote products and activities, and complete user diversion and new recruiting.

Notification SMS is used by enterprises to provide customers with precise notification services, such as order reminders, holiday blessings, etc., to increase user stickiness.

There is a character limit for text messages. Generally, international text messages are limited to 160 characters, and the customer's attention is limited. Therefore, the content of text messages should be as short and intuitive as possible, and preferably innovative. When sending text messages, brands need to identify themselves, because the number sent by text messages is often a long string of numbers without inherent identifying information. An easy way to do this is to put your business brand name at the beginning of your text message.

What are the restrictions on group messaging?

The content of the text message contains sensitive information: pay special attention when editing the content, international text messages cannot contain sensitive words (including pornography, gambling, poison), false propaganda, invitation links, etc. Be sure to act on the premise of safeguarding the public interest.

Incorrect encoding of SMS: Generally speaking, the encoding for sending international SMS is 70-character unicode encoding or 160-character international standard 3.38 encoding, which may vary according to the regulations of different countries or regions.

Restriction on the number of sending times: For the same mobile phone number, there is a limit on the number of SMS group sending.

Sending time limit: There is no requirement to send general verification codes or notification text messages, but please send membership marketing text messages during the day. If you send them at other times, customers will receive marketing text messages on the next day, which is not conducive to corporate promotion. .