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What are the advantages of group messaging platforms? How to choose the SMS platform?

AddDate: 2022-12-06 Author: 妍

    Nowadays, more and more enterprises will choose to use SMS marketing as a means to maintain customers and obtain customers. SMS marketing can not only save time and effort better, but also improve work efficiency. What are the advantages of the group SMS platform? How to choose the SMS platform?


    Generally speaking, group texting requires relatively little marketing expenses, which can quickly and accurately send product information to target customers' mobile phones.

2.The real time

    Using the short message platform only a few simple steps, the gateway will automatically send short messages for enterprises, customer data localization storage, to ensure the security of information, the fastest can achieve a minute to send out all.


    The cost of mass texting is only 5-7 cents/piece, and the reading rate is very high, which greatly provides the marketing effect.


    The same product can be based on different target objects easily send different group SMS content, greatly improve the customer's desire to buy.


    Mass text message marketing time is very flexible, enterprises or businesses can choose advertising based on the unique local flexibility of the product, and even specific to a certain period of time.


    In general, as long as there are no problems with the local telecom network, the text message you send will be accurately sent to the other party's phone, forcing the user to read the message.

    If a short message platform charges too low a price, it means that the platform does not have enough profit to support the company's operation and service. Often, the enterprise short message is "deducted" or the platform takes money and runs away.

    Short message platforms without operation qualification usually do not have regular short message channel resources, and can only access the short message channel of second-hand or even third-hand resources, which is the main reason for the failure or delay of short message sending.

    Want to find a reliable message group company, first have to look at the qualifications of the message company. For example, whether it is fully qualified, whether it is the nature of the company, personnel and after-sales service, and so on, try to find a relatively long operation time, can provide some free testing enterprises.