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How to send international marketing SMS?Does the content of marketing text messages need to be reviewed?

AddDate: 2022-12-06 Author: 娇

With the rapid development of international trade, it has brought new business opportunities for more and more large enterprises from all over the world to introduce their products to the international market. As a result, various marketing channels have come into being, and there are all kinds of marketing channels. International marketing SMS is one of the marketing methods.

Due to the continuous spread of the epidemic around the world, various products cannot be promoted offline, and can only be operated online. Compared with other marketing methods, SMS marketing has the characteristics of low operating cost, precise target, immediacy, flexibility, pertinence, and fast timeliness, and is valued and used by most enterprise users.

In addition, marketing SMS can be sent in various forms such as text, pictures, voice and video, making communication more convenient, advertising effects more direct, and less troublesome, which can well promote user transactions and is accepted by more and more enterprise users.

.How to send marketing SMS?

1.Plan marketing activities, hold marketing activities in an appropriate cycle, and stabilize long-term customers.

2.Creative marketing, creating good copywriting for marketing, marketing discounts or selling points should arouse customers' desire to buy. Let customers understand the product and deepen their impression of the product, thereby promoting the transaction. 

3.Master the delivery time and send it before the marketing campaign. According to the time difference in foreign countries, master the work and rest time of customers, and try not to make customers feel disturbed. 4.Choose a formal platform. A formal and stable platform is more conducive to the successful sending of marketing short messages.

.Does the content of marketing SMS need to be reviewed?

Because some criminals in the world are opportunistic and use international marketing text messages to mass-distribute some information related to pornography, gambling, false advertisements and illegal connections, commit fraud and gain huge profits.

In order to prevent the majority of users from being deceived, international operators need to strictly review the content of marketing text messages. All prohibited words, false propaganda and illegal connections related to pornography, gambling and drugs will be restricted or banned by operators as spam text messages.