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Can you get customers through mass messaging? How to retain customers through mass messaging?

AddDate: 2022-12-16 Author: 妍

    For the majority of enterprises and businesses, effective customer base can bring great profits to the company, but also can save manpower, material resources and product costs. With the characteristics of low cost and high return, mass SMS has become one of the important channels for enterprises to publicize their products and promote them. The following Xiaobian will introduce how to maintain customers through SMS mass messaging.

1. Mass SMS platform cooperation

    Choose a qualified SMS mass sending platform, can greatly ensure that SMS timely sent to the user's mobile phone. Small edition suggests that you choose talk2all international SMS platform, talk2all international SMS platform has high-quality 106 channel, 1069 triple network channel resources, for the majority of enterprise users tailored to create SMS program, and also provides free test SMS, platform SMS has 99 percent arrival rate guarantee, extremely fast, three seconds can be reached.

2. Write personalized messages

    If you simply send a text message offering a good deal for no reason, people will not believe it. In general, businesses need to deliver different content for different types of customers. For target customer groups, enterprises need to "interact" with them, through SMS mass offers, gifts and other ways, first let customers remember the enterprise brand. Text message content is best to briefly introduce the product, some holiday marketing, big clearance at the end of the season, the new price of products, anniversary celebrations and so on are a good reason for product promotion.

3. Statistical results of mass text messages

    Some quick replies can be added after SMS marketing, such as reply "1" "Y" and so on. Enterprise users can calculate the short message response rate, click rate of short link, and increase of active customers. Most of the selected customers belong to effective customer groups. During the holidays, send blessing messages to customers, improve customer stickiness, can effectively narrow the distance between businesses and customers.

4. Suitable transmission frequency

    "One bite to eat fat", for group texting is a big taboo, especially to send too many messages to customers at one time, it will leave a bad impression on customers, so businesses should do a good job of planning, as far as possible in the customer relatively free time moderate to send messages to customers.