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How to build a foreign SMS platform?How to charge for it? International SMS platform charging standards

AddDate: 2022-08-10 Author: 妍

As far as the current billing methods of most international SMS platforms are concerned, there are mainly two methods: "prepaid" and "large volume discounts". And the single price standard of international SMS is generally between 0.2 and 0.8 yuan. For the same international SMS service provider, the SMS price will vary in different countries and regions. In some countries, the charges for a single SMS are higher, and in some countries, the charges for a single SMS are lower. The specific SMS price depends on the price standard of the SMS service provider.

Factors Affecting International SMS Prices

So what are the factors that affect the price of SMS in different countries? As far as the same international SMS service provider is concerned, the price difference of a single SMS is mainly reflected in the differences between countries and regions. Costs vary from country to country and region to region. Therefore, resource differences, quantity calculation rules, and gradient charging design are all important factors that affect international short messages.

If the cooperative foreign operator charges less and the volume of short messages between the service provider and the operator is still relatively large, the single fee will be more affordable, otherwise it will be more expensive. In the calculation of the number of characters, different operators may have differences in whether to distinguish between Chinese and foreign languages, whether to calculate by fields or bytes, and specific restrictions. Gradient design is more beneficial to enterprises with a large number of users. If the amount of short messages to be sent is large and the sending frequency is high, there will be gradient design.

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