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How to send text messages abroad?How to send marketing content in international SMS?

AddDate: 2022-08-15 Author: 妍

    Nowadays, international text messages are becoming more and more common, and it is common to receive or send international text messages. The purpose of sending international SMS is mainly to help overseas companies to promote and maintain customers. It can be used in various enterprises such as cross-border e-commerce, international websites, dating apps, and international logistics. It can also send SMS messages such as birthday wishes and holiday wishes to corporate employees or members. information.

How to send text messages abroad?

    There are two main ways to send international SMS: one is personal sending, and the other is enterprise-level SMS sending. The specific method of sending short messages by individuals is: 00+country code+user number or 00+area code+user number; while the enterprise-level international short message sending is generally looking for a professional international short message service platform to send on behalf of.

    If the number is not large, you can choose to send international text messages on a mobile phone. If you are sending a large number of international text messages,

It is recommended that you choose an international SMS platform.

How to send marketing content in international SMS?

    Before sending short messages, enterprises need to classify users, filter out mobile phone numbers of invalid users, and send different short message content to different user groups, so as to make marketing short messages more targeted, and the marketing effect will be better.

    1. When sending text messages during holidays, the content of the text messages should be combined with holiday greetings and marketing promotions. "Blessing + Marketing" is more attractive to customers.

    2. The content of the short message should reflect the value to the user and highlight the core information.

   3. Punctuation and digital assistance: Although the media form of SMS is single, companies can highlight key content through punctuation such as "[]" and Arabic numerals to ensure that customers can see the marketing point of SMS at a glance. At the same time, the use of special punctuation marks and numbers can also avoid the visual fatigue of customers to a certain extent.

   4. The number of words in the text message should not be too long, and no one will spend a lot of time on a text message. You can appropriately add product links or the company's website at the end of the content, so that interested customers can directly click on your company's website to learn more detailed information.