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Is there a delay in international SMS? What are the factors that affect the arrival rate of international SMS?

AddDate: 2022-08-26 Author: 妍

Short message arrival rate is the most direct and important evaluation index to measure the quality of short message sending. Short message arrival rate, also called short message success rate, refers to the ratio between the number of mobile phone numbers that users finally successfully receive short messages and the number of mobile phone numbers that submit to send short messages. Compared with the international short messages with higher cost in domestic short messages, the arrival rate is particularly important. Almost no enterprise wants to see the phenomenon of delay in sending or receiving international short messages.

The low arrival rate has a variety of impacts on overseas enterprises in market expansion

The registration rate decreases, and overseas users cannot receive the verification code, and cannot complete the registration and use of the account; Important notices cannot be delivered, which will affect the customer experience and lead to the loss of customers.

What are the factors that affect the arrival rate of international SMS?

  1. Channel quality: compared with domestic operators, the environment of foreign operators is relatively complex. Some non formal service providers use gray international lines to provide international SMS services for enterprises, which is very easy to be closed by operators.

  2. Short message content: the short message content has a corresponding list of prohibited words, and the restrictions of local telecom operators on the short message content. Generally, the short message containing prohibited words will not be sent to the user's mobile phone.

  3. Short message length: the total length of an international short message is 160 bytes. If it exceeds the length, it will be divided into multiple short messages. Therefore, when sending international short messages, enterprises should make changes according to the length of short messages supported by countries or regions.

  4. Anti harassment (DND) number: if the mobile phone number is added to the blacklist of operators due to customer complaints or restrictions on local laws and policies, the international SMS will not be sent successfully. Faced with this situation, the enterprise can query whether the number is a DND number through the number status website provided by the local gateway, so as to avoid placing the DND number as much as possible and reduce business losses.

  5. International short message coding: different countries and regions have different Unicode coding standards, so some communication operators will not push international short messages with specific Unicode codes.