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What is international text message? Do I need to sign an international message?

AddDate: 2022-09-20 Author: 娇

What is international short message? International short message

It is also known as cross-border short message, is a tool commonly used by many multinational enterprises to lock up international customers and communicate with customers in the international market due to the expansion of business scope.

 With the development of science and technology, although a variety of advanced new marketing methods are everywhere, international short messages are trusted and used by most enterprises because of their fast sending speed, low operating cost, wide coverage area, safety and stability. International text messaging is more widely available than regular text messaging and can be used in languages around the world. International SMS usually has three major functions: international SMS verification code, international SMS notification and international SMS marketing and other scenarios.

Do international short messages need to be signed?     

SMS signature is a special signature specially designed by operators for enterprise users. The signature of the message is usually the name of the company, or the title of the enterprise brand. International text messages must be signed because:

1Regulations of the operator. All international group text messages must carry a signature, if not, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and international operators are prohibited to send;

2International short messages with signatures can allocate exclusive short message channels more reasonably;

3easy to identify. When receiving an international text message with a signature, customers can see the identity of the recipient at a glance, rather than delete the message as spam without even looking at it.

4 It is conducive to better publicity of enterprises. International message with signature, itself is a kind of advertising function for the enterprise brand, the message to whom, relative to the promotion of it to whom, such international message has played a business card effect. Of course, in addition to the signature of an international message, the content of the message also needs to be reported. When editing text messages, some sensitive words, false propaganda and illegal links are banned by operators.