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What are the characteristics of mass SMS platform? What is the charging standard?

AddDate: 2022-10-31 Author: 妍

    Because the mass SMS platform has the advantages of fast transmission speed, strong privacy, and favorable prices, it is widely used in education, the Internet, finance, e-commerce, and other industries. Many enterprises and customers have questions to ask before using it. Next, we will introduce the characteristics and charging standards of the mass SMS platform.

1. Fast propagation speed:

    Sending short messages is an efficient form of media communication. SMS can be sent instantly in one minute, fast and efficient, and the release form is flexible.

Mass SMS transmission is not limited by time and region, and can even be released within the desired time period. Enterprise users can change the advertising content to be published at any time to ensure that the latest news is disseminated to consumers within the validity period.

2. Low cost:

    The cost of sending SMS is low, and sending SMS directly by mobile phone is often not as cheap as sending SMS through SMS platform.

SMS also breaks the rules of traditional advertising media pricing. Enterprise users can send targeted messages to target customer groups according to their own budget, greatly reducing the release cost.

3. Accurate and direct:

    SMS can easily transmit different information according to different receiving objects, so as to maximize the customer's desire to purchase and improve the sales rate of the product.

4. High reading rate:

    In the limited time of a day, mass texting can be directly sent to the customer's mobile phone, and customers tend to click on the SMS to read, which is very time efficient and has a high reading rate.

5. Fission propagation:

    SMS has a strong dissemination, fast, instant transmission and dissemination. Customers can save information and expand the target group of the enterprise.

The charging of SMS platform is generally 5-7 cents/piece, and the ladder charging mode is adopted. There are many SMS platforms that promise lower charges by deducting part of the sending volume.

    It mainly depends on the size of the delivery volume. The higher the volume, the lower the unit price. In addition, the charging of the SMS platform is also related to the quality of the SMS channel. Some of the higher quality ones are naturally more expensive, but they basically do not fluctuate.